Pine Mountain Village Merchants Meeting

I’m looking forward to seeing a great group of people at the PMVMA meeting this Monday!  If you have a business in Pine Mountain Club and haven’t joined yet, please consider coming to the meeting to learn what PMVMA is doing to promote businesses in the area.  We’ve all got to work together!

Merchant’s Association Meeting

I’m excited to be attending the PMC Merchant’s Association Meeting.  I missed the March meeting, and am looking forward to seeing what’s new, especially with the Lilac Festival just around the corner.

PMC Merchants Meeting

I was excited to learn that the PMC Merchants Association is now open to all businesses in PMC, not just those located in the Village.  I’ll be at the next meeting to say hi and learn more about the businesses here!

Synergy Summit

I hope to see some friends and make new ones at the Synergy Summit at the Holiday Inn in Lebec!  There is supposed to be a surprise announcement – I can’t wait to find out what it is!